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“Business wonders why education isn’t producing the thoughtful, creative, self-confident people they urgently need... We now have a school curriculum that teaches ten subjects but only limited ways of thinking.”

                      Ken Robinson, Out of our minds (Capstone: 2001)

“Intelligence is not fixed.  We shape our brains with every new experience we encounter, every challenge we overcome and every risk we take.  And given this happens most powerfully during childhood, the message for parents and teachers is this: the difference you can make to children’s lives, to their futures, is extraordinary.  Raising children who can confidently and happily make the very most of their potential in an exciting but unpredictable world is not something we can leave to chance.”


                                     C. J. Simister

In short...

With more than 25 years of experience, C J Simister is a leading education expert, working both in the UK and internationally. 

Her innovative and interactive courses are tailored to suit the culture and context of each individual organisation, bringing together a huge range of  Future-Smart® techniques that teachers and parents can use to help young people develop the intellectual qualities needed to thrive and succeed both in school and beyond.

For schools, by combining character with the curriculum - by teaching young people to approach subject content in a way that demands reasoning and rigour, that spurs questions and enquiry, that nurtures flexibility of mind, persistence and originality - she demonstrates in a very practical way that education can target both examination success and real-world skills.

C J Simister advises head teachers and leadership teams, gives keynote presentations at UK and international conferences, and is available to speak at events in the workplace. 

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Author and educational consultant

C. J. Simister

MA Cantab MA London PGCE




Latest News

C J Simister gave the keynote address at the NEU Leadership Conference in London on 24th November 2018. To read the feature on her work in the October edition of the ELM, click here; or for the full edition, follow this link.

As well as supporting schools across the UK, in 2016-18 she provided training courses and conference presentations in Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Thailand.  In March 2019 she was invited to work with schools in Shanghai and she will be returning to China in December 2019 for further events. For upcoming events, click here.

Following the success of the 2016 IAPS Independent Minds Conference, C J Simister was Course Director again for the 2018 event.  Bringing together speakers from a wide selection of schools, her aim was to provide an opportunity for genuinely effective ideas and practices to be shared.

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C J Simister’s keynote presentations have included:

Mindfest: The Growing Mindsets Convention 2016 (with Professor Carol Dweck and Professor Guy Claxton), in London in July 2016.  For details, click Growing-Mindsets-Convention-2.pdf.

How to Build Character, Grit and Resilience (with Dr Angela Duckworth), in London in June 2015.  Click here for more details.

C J Simister was presented with the ‘Inspiring Person of 2011’ award by the National Association of Gifted Children in November 2011.  Click here to find out more.

“One of the most skilful presenters I have ever come across... not only from the angle of increasing our professional awareness but also in providing an atmosphere which reminded us of the sheer joy of teaching which can be all too easily forgotten these days.”  Headmistress, Bury Grammar School for Girls

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C J Simister’s book, ‘The Bright Stuff’, is full of advice for parents and teachers. 

Now available in 8 languages, including Arabic. Find it on Amazon.

“As a parent and risk taker, I applaud her work.”

Luke Johnson, entrepreneur and Financial Times columnist.

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C J Simister’s latest book, the Character, Grit & Resilience Pocketbook has just been published!

“This is what learning is about.  If you want to teach for life and not just for tests, this is the book for you.”

Elizabeth Hargreaves, Head, Feniscowles Primary School

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